The Jimmy Eat World Weekend: Day 2

Jimmy Eat World, Nusa Indah Theatre at Balai Kartini: April 3, 2011

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  2. Maria Celina

    @Jonathan Manor: Don’t worry, Jonathan, I’m back! However, it is weird that we haven’t been able to cross online paths properly this year. Clearly, this has to stop!

    I plan to throw you a quick email in a few days’ time, so watch your inbox!

    @Keng: What I find amazing about Jimmy Eat World, Keng, is that while their lyrics were relevant to my high school and college years, their music is not bound to a certain age group of listeners, but rather a certain time period in a listener’s life. Those who are in high school can still appreciate the music of this band as much as the folks who listened to them when they were high schoolers back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. It was further proven upon attending concert last April, because I saw both teenagers and people well into their twenties.

    Regarding your side note, I was basing it on the fact that Jannie said it was played in films, but I have a feeling you could be right. I was just on their IMDB page, and “The Middle” was used for several films.

    I really hope you catch Jimmy Eat World live one day. They’re amazing.

  3. Keng

    Ahh, Jimmy Eat World! <3 I remember listening to them a lot back in my 12th grade/college freshman days. Also, I have The Format’s “Live at the Mayan Theatre” DVD where Jim Adkins appeared in and performed with them, and I’ve kind of wanted to see Jimmy Eat World live since then. XD

    (On a side note, re:Jannie’s comment about a very popular song of theirs, maybe it’s “The Middle”? I know when I think of Jimmy Eat World, that’s the song that immediately comes to mind for me that everyone listened to. Just my $0.02 ;) )

  4. Maria Celina

    @Jannie: Jannie, are you talking about their song “Lucky Denver Mint” (YouTube)? If I am not wrong, the song was featured in the film, “Never Been Kissed”. However, both the film and “Clarity”, the album in which the song was included, was released in 1999. Perhaps the song garnered more radio play around 2001 to 2002, as I still remember “Never Been Kissed” still being a relevant film in the start of the 2000’s.

  5. Jannie

    Amazing photos, Marz. Very colorful and full of life. Even though they’re not videos, I can almost imagine the action and movements in the photo. I do remember the one and only Jimmy Eat World song I know, but I can’t seem to remember the title. I know it’s played in movies and it was a major hit back in 2001 or 2002. Yes, I’m going through an almost-senior moment. LOL.

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