Nanny’s Pavillon Bathroom

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From Bandung to Jakarta

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Originating from the artsy mountain city of Bandung, the French-inspired Nanny’s Pavillon graced Jakarta with its presence this year by opening its first capital city outlet in Central Jakarta’s Citywalk. The second followed a little southward, in Pacific Place Mall. Their menu consists of an array of pancakes, pasta, steak, and beverages of the fruit and caffeinated kind.

I became enamoured by Nanny’s Pavillon after visiting the one of the two outlets in Bandung last May. The one I visited is called Nanny’s Pavillon Garden, which is located next to a retail outlet along Bandung’s Jalan Riau. The garden-style outdoor café — hence the name — is forever in summertime mode. The other Bandung-based café is located in Jalan Setiabudi. Though similar in colour and consistent in its general corporate image, it is decorated to look like a library. I have yet to visit the place.

The Nanny’s Pavillon Concept

Nanny’s Pavillon boasts chartreuse and white as its trademark colours for all its outlets. The serving staff aptly don characteristically European dress; the waitresses wear short “nanny” outfits in refreshing tints of pastel green, whereas the waiters have suspenders and brimmed hats. A dash of chic is added through the clever contrast of formal and lounge-friendly furniture, delicate chandeliers, wall-mounted mirrors and flowery table decor.

Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom

All of the Nanny’s Pavillon outlets are designed to depict a particular residential zone. While Bandung has the Garden (Jalan Riau) and Library (Jalan Setiabudi) outlets, Jakarta is home to the Living Room (Citywalk) and Bathroom (Pacific Place). Yes, you did just read “Bathroom”. Tucked in a corner of the retail function of a large building, the Nanny’s Pavillon outlet in Pacific Place Mall is styled after one of the most sacred rooms in a common household.

Among the default dining ensemble of white-washed tables and chairs with delicate fabric upholstery that are topped with wooden placemats, there would be a shower curtain partition, a dry towel or robe hung on a rack, or even a shower head or faucet mounted on the wall. The less common dining ensemble consists of chartreuse sofas or ottomans, toilet bowls that have been re-purposed to serve as chairs, and a free-standing bathtub converted into a table thanks to the addition of a glass top.

Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom

Note the subtle Christmas decorations in the above right photo. Their understated presence made my dining experience in Nanny’s Pavillon extra cosy.

The Lunch Experience

Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend from college. The weather was cloudy, rain impending, and we wanted nothing more than to have a leisurely meal and catch up with each other. The Pacific Place Mall tends to remain relatively quiet on the weekends, which is perfect, considering for our preference for non-crowded places.

For my lunchtime beverage, I made a selection from the fresh juices and went for pink guava.

Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom

My main course was the Grilled Chicken Steak with White Sauce. The dish consisted of salad (with what I assume is Italian dressing), corn on the cob, two slices of chicken steak (white meat), and a choice between baby potatoes and fries. While I do not hate them, most of my meals are potato-free by my own volition. On this particular Saturday, I took the rare opportunity to include them for my lunch, and chose the baby potatoes.

Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom

I enjoyed the salad and the potatoes, but I found the chicken a little dry. However, I was very impressed by the white sauce. It wasn’t creamy as it was cheesy, and the overall taste was not an assault on the palate. Coupled with the chicken, the white sauce acted as an offer of contrast for texture and taste, practically remedying the dryness of the chicken steak.

Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom

The serving staff in Nanny’s Pavillon Bathroom are friendly and are not shy to give recommendations upon request. Price-wise, between the existing discrepancy of population and sensitivity to price in Jakarta and Bandung, the Bandung-based outlets are cheaper. But in the context of Jakarta alone, the capital city’s menu is in the moderate range, feasible for someone on a budget.

Additional Recommendations

Try Auntie Shirley’s Butterscotch Coffee. During my very first visit to a Nanny’s Pavillon outlet, I chose this iced drink. Very tasty.

Visit Nanny’s Pavillon Bathroom!

Nanny’s Pavillon Bathroom
Pacific Place Mall, Unit 4-50, 51 (4th Floor)
Sudirman Central Business District Lot
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12190
(Telephone: +6221-5140-2716, +6221-5140-2726)


  1. Maria Celina

    @Ghea: Thank you for your comment, Ghea, but I’d like to note that this is not my restaurant, nor was I involved in its design in any way. It is an establishment that I went to for a meal, and felt the need to review for its gorgeous interior design and appetising menu.

  2. Ghea

    Dear Maria Celina ,
    Your restaurant maybe the cutest restaurant that i ever seen. I hope that u can make another restaurant.. HOPE D BEST 4 U !!!!!

  3. Maria Celina

    @Gum: Actually, Gum, the round food item was in fact a baby potato. The chicken is in steak form and in the background. However, thank you for mentioning that, as it does look like a meatball. Perhaps I should brush up on my photography skills to better portray the food so they’re better identified.

    @Oridusartic: Are you serious, Citra? How about that! I read your post, and based on your photos, I believe you were in the other side. I was sitting near the large windows, which is directly across the restaurant’s entrance. If I am not wrong, you went to the area situated towards the left, no?

    Either way, that is very cool. We were within proximity of one another. Perhaps on another culinary escapade, we may bump into each other!

    @jannie: When you visit Indonesia someday, Jannie, hit me up, so we can try out the various restaurants around here. This place always waits!

    @Anna: Good point, Anna. On my next visit, I’ll make sure to capture the toilet chairs. I sat on a big green couch, so I never tried out the chairs. But if I do, I’ll let you know how it was like. Better yet, visit Jakarta, and we’ll head to Nanny’s Pavillon for a lunch!

    @Sinta: “Gratin Dauphinois” sounds interesting, Sinta. Where did you try that?

    @Charles Ravndal: Great hearing from you, Charles, and I hope that 2011 has kicked off swimmingly for you and Odd!

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  5. Charles Ravndal

    Looking at your photos I could say the restaurant and the food looked amazing!

    Anyway, just dropping by to greet you a happy new year! I hope the new year will bring you and your family more blessings and good health!

  6. Jessica

    Ah, that place looks and sounds so lovely! I wish there were someplace around where I live like it, but unfortunately there isn’t ;(

    It sounds like you had a really good lunch! The picture of the fruit drink is making me crave pink lemonade, even though it’s “guava” XD The other food looks like it was absolutely delicious!

  7. eduardo

    thank you for the this. the photos were beautiful and inspiring! the food and drinks look superrrbb! delicioso! Jakarta itself sounds amazing. :D the corn on the cob.. mmm!!!!!

  8. Anna

    That sounds like a nice and cosy place to dine in. And what a unique bathroom concept too! I’m also curious how the “toilet chairs” look. I hope they’re at least comfy to sit on. =P LOL!

    Oh, and those are yummy-looking photos! :)

  9. Nikz

    Wow, I’d really like to see that unique set-up! I love cozy places – and I guess bathroom decors would make it cozier? LOL! Perhaps too much :)

  10. jannie

    Now, this post of yours makes me want to eat even though it’s 1:30 am. LOL. The food looks absolutely delicious. Even though you mentioned the chicken is quite dry, I’ll probably like it. Especially being one who never says “no” to chicken. LOL.

    I think the concept of the Nanny’s Pavillon outlets sounds really cool. It’s a nice change to see different rooms of the house in each outlet. Especially the outlet that has the bathroom. I am curious to how the seats modeled after toilets would look like. I really love the restaurant decor in your photos. Very cute, cozy, and inviting. Hopefully I’ll get to eat at Nanny’s Pavillon when I visit Indonesia someday. :)

  11. Oridusartic

    Wow did you write “Yesterday”, means you went there on Saturday? What a coincidence! I had lunch there too this Saturday. :D

    Btw thanks for the explanation, I just knew that the one I visited last time was the bathroom. I thought every outlet of Nanny’s pavilion is using bathroom as their concept. Hahaha

    I think I should post my photos soon!

  12. Gum

    Before anything else, lovely photography you’ve got on this post!

    I’m not a potato person either. The only potato “dish” I savor is actually French fries.

    But the meatball(was that the chicken?) on the last pic looks very delicious!

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