Inspiration: Elsa Mora

Elsa “Elsita” Mora, Artist

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I’ve happened upon Elsa “Elsita” Mora while surfing idly on Flickr. Elsa Mora is a multimedia artist who was born and raised in Cuba and moved the United States in 2001. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with her film producer husband and children. Her works range from mixed media paintings, illustrations, sculpture, jewellery, clothing, and dolls. In 2009, she released a book called Blossom Buddies, a book inspired by the time spent with her son, and is filled with little characters made out of floral elements.

Her style mixes the nostalgia of vintage elements, the femininity of bohemian chic, and the hopefulness of vibrant hues. Mora is dedicated to detail, proving that through the meticulous cuts of her paper sculptures and taking studious inspirations from the natural world. Her passions also merge, making paper sculptures of clothing, illustrations of doll-like but surreal characters, and jewelry out of her illustrations. Her style is undeniably hers, and it’s wonderful to stumble upon artists who can let their artistic style permeate through all the media they use to create — and all the more so when aspects of their immediate lives become part of their creative process.

The Hidden Seed

Mora updates multiple blogs dedicated to various disciplines of her craft, and “The Hidden Seed” is her fashion blog. I first stumbled upon “The Hidden Seed” through the Flickr photoset that compiled all of her fashion ensembles for the blog, and I was immediately blown away for so many reasons. Two of the reasons are the frequent appearance of my current favourite colour scheme of yellow and grey, and the frequent exhibitions of how the “mix and match” principle can be brilliantly executed.

Inspiration: Elsa Mora Inspiration: Elsa Mora

Inspiration: Elsa Mora Inspiration: Elsa Mora

Inspiration: Elsa Mora Inspiration: Elsa Mora

Inspiration: Elsa Mora Inspiration: Elsa Mora

Another thing that I liked about Mora’s fashion ensembles is how each clothing item, bears a statement in itself — whether it’s through its texture, cut, design element, or colour. Every ensemble, through its colour combining and layering, looks carefully thought out. I also love her brown and chartreuse Oxfords.

Check Out Elsa Mora’s Work!

Her blogs on dollmaking, papercutting, and fashion provide feasts for the eyes in every page. Elsa Mora also has an Etsy store where she sells her creations, so I’ll be keeping tabs on her shop from now on for a possible future online purchase.

(All photos above are credited to Elsa Mora’s Flickr photostream. Click on any image to view it on Flickr.)


  1. Justin

    Wow… she seems pretty talented. Thanks for sharing this information about her with us! My favorite outfit is the fourth one (the one with the yellow pearls and skirt). I love how bold it is!

  2. anna

    Wow, I love her style! I doubt I can ever pull off the vintage fashion look, but I really enjoy looking at other people wearing them. It’s also my ultimate dream to be an all around artist, and I admire those who actually go out and become just that. Thanks for sharing this, Marz. :)

  3. Isa

    She’s incredible! Her paper art is so detailed and the dolls range from adorable to gorgeous. I especially love the clothes she designs for them. Lovely outfits as well, I love her use of yellow.
    Its amazing how she uses so many different media, I admire her for being so creative and patient. Its very enjoyable and inspiring to see artist like her, makes me feel motivated to try different ways of expressing my own creativity.

  4. jannie

    wow. those are pretty dresses. my favorites are the second, fourth, fifth, and sixth pictures. i love how they look very retro. it kinda reminds me of the late 40s/early 50s. she uses the color yellow very tastefully and beautifully too. thanks for sharing these. :)

  5. Veronica

    I think she might like the color yellow! She certainly has a wonderful sense of fashion. Not necessarily one I’d try to imitate but beautiful none the less.

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