Hong Kong Café, Central Park

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Managed by Penang Bistro

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The day after having lunch at Nanny’s Pavillon outlet in Pacific Place Mall, I went on another culinary exploration with a slightly bigger group of college friends — this time, in the western area of the bustling Indonesian capital. Hong Kong Café, essentially the culinary marriage of Eastern and Western dining cultures, is one of the concepts managed by the figureheads of Penang Bistro. Having been to Penang Bistro on more than one occasion, I regarded the restaurant as a decent provider of Singapore and Malaysian fare outside of their places of origin. On Sunday, I explored the outlet located in Podomoro City’s Central Park.

The Hong Kong Café Concept

To be honest, the concept is a little over my head, but I’ll try my best to deconstruct it. The outlet consists of three types of food: Hong Kong Café offers fare familiar to Hong Kong, Delika is a bakery that offers an array of baked goods, and Tatsuya is home to Japanese food. All three zones are placed within proximity of each other, allowing one to order Hong Kong iced milk tea from the café and macarons from the bakery without having to move tables. Functionally, it’s akin to a food court — only not.

Design-wise, the place is brilliant.

Hong Kong Café, Central Park Hong Kong Café, Central Park

While we only stayed in Delika, the place is aesthetically rich with charm. Bottles colour the front window displays, make their way into the occasional open shelving, and decorate various corners of the cafe. Further detail is established with the clever use of colourful shapes and typography. Later, I learnt that all of the graphic and print collateral is done by the same talented designer who picked out the decorative knick-knacks for the establishment.

Hong Kong Café, Central Park Hong Kong Café, Central Park

One of my favourite corners of Delika consists of two large brown leather couches, a coffee table, and a bright orange stool. The recessed wall next to the ensemble houses what looks like a wooden card catalogue with vintage items of predominantly red and orange hues. The wall-mounted skull may be offensive to those not partial to the idea of hanging animal parts as an acceptable means of interior decoration, but it gives a rustic feel. The whimsical Santa-themed decorations added an appropriate touch of Christmas.

Hong Kong Café, Central Park Hong Kong Café, Central Park

The Macaron Experience

The primary purpose of visiting Hong Kong Café was for dessert, to prolong the mini college reunion of sorts that was arranged for that day. We all ordered various caffeinated drinks from Hong Kong Café, but we focused on exploring the pastries offered. A couple of my friends decided to try out the macarons and ordered every flavour available. After wildly picking from the plate two flavours each, I selected a yellow (pictured below) and brown piece. After trying them, I learned it was mango and mocha flavoured, respectively.

Hong Kong Café, Central Park

It was my first time to try a macaron, and I was not disappointed. The mango macaron, in particular, was fantastic. It was not just sugary, — which is what I expected of every colour on the plate — and the taste of mango was incredibly strong. The mocha macaron had a slightly milder flavouring, but nonetheless tasty.

The serving staff at Hong Kong Café stayed mostly out of the way, but they were far from unfriendly. If I remember correctly, a plateful of macarons and four beverages accumulated a bill of a little over IDR 100,000. I have yet to have a proper meal in Hong Kong Café, but the dessert experience was enjoyable enough that a future visit is guaranteed.

Visit Hong Kong Café, Central Park!

Hong Kong Café
Central Park (Podomoro City), Unit L1-112B (1st Floor)
Jl. Letnan Jendral S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta Barat 11470
(Telephone: +6221-5698-5378)


  1. Maria Celina

    @Desmond: Sorry for the ridiculously delayed reply, Desmond. Yes, this café is located in Jakarta, and there are many charming places like these scattered around the city. Granted, they’re a lot more spread out than that of Singapore, so you may need to resort to taxi, public transportation, or the recommended personal car to go from place to another. Should you decide to visit Jakarta for a holiday and check out these places for a place to relax, I can guarantee that you won’t be short of them.

  2. Desmond

    Whoa this place is at Jakarta?? Looks extremely lovely. Are there many of such places (charming designs) around in Jakarta? Might consider going there for a holiday. Haha.

    Anyway, just to update you.. my website url has changed from orangish.org to imprfct.com! It’s a new website for my personal online store and blog. =)

  3. jannie

    the restaurant decor is gorgeous. i like the concept of three mini restaurants rolled into one in just one venue. it gives diners many options of what they’d like to order. i’d so be in food heaven at this place. hehe… :D i’m not much of a macarons person, but i’d be willing to try it with mango or with other decadent flavors like mocha. :D

  4. Clarence

    That picture of a macaron got me craving for one! I could taste the mango flavor just by reading your description. :p Also, for a moment I thought you were referring to Central Park in NY! :D

    Anyway, I hope 2011 has been good for you too! Thanks for the wishes you left on my blog. Yep, I’m optimistic this year. Like I said in my New Year entry (http://clarenceceniza.com/2011/01/01/the-good-life/), “2010 was great, and it is only natural to expect 2011 to be even better.” :)

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