Exposure: Schmap Salt Lake City Tenth Edition

Positive Exposure Through Digital Travel Guides & Flickr

Around the start of last month, I was notified by the managing editor of Schmap Guides that one of my Flickr photographs was short-listed for inclusion in the tenth edition of the Schmap City Guide for Salt Lake City. The photograph of note is the one that I took of an antelope grazing during my trip to the United States last year, and it was short-listed for the city guide section highlighting Antelope Island, Utah.

Let me back up a bit for those who aren’t familiar with Schmap City Guides. Schmap is a company that specialises in publishing digital travel guides that are all free for download on their website. So far, they have catered to about 199 destinations throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Like city guides of unspecific formats, various sections of a guide will provide visual aides to correspond with the text explaining various locales, and this is where my photograph comes in. After doing a little bit of research, I noticed that Schmap chooses their photos from Flickr. It seems appropriate, considering the digital approach of this city guide.

It just so happens that in this hashing of this edition, I had a photo of Antelope Island.

Schmap Salt Lake City Guide Tenth Edition

The selection process required consent from the photographer in order for the photograph to be officially submitted as media for the new guide. It’s not particularly a long process. Once the consent is given, the submission is made official for final selection. Earlier today, I received word from the editor today that my photograph, along many selected others, is included in the newly published tenth edition. The photo can be seen in the “Miscellaneous Activities” section of the new Salt Lake City Guide.

The Story Behind That Antelope

In May of 2009, I took a trip to Utah and California. This was captured a day or two before heading to San Francisco.

The irony captured in this photo is that it was the only antelope I saw on Antelope Island. Yes, one antelope on an island specifically named to imply that the place is teeming with said animal. Perhaps they were all in hiding, since it was during the cusp of winter and spring. Or perhaps they were all cowering away from sight after seeing some nincompoop running around with a camera. Whatever the reason may be, this one antelope was patient enough for me to take a photo. Thanks to its will to remain still for a few seconds, the four-legged bugger’s now on display in a small corner of the internet!


  1. Jiewa

    Congratulation ya.. it’s great pic indeed.. :)

    talk about flickr, I learn a lot from many senior photographers who share their pic. They’re so friendly. I love it much better than the local photography community (they usually give absurd critique)

  2. Oridusartic

    That is pretty lucky! :)

    And I agree, Flickr is a nice space to get your artworks or photos featured. Some design websites also like to browse through Flickr to search for inspirations and then feature them on their website.

  3. jannie

    wow. that is a beautiful shot of the antelope. i love the background and scenery too. very cool and breathtaking. :) congratulations for getting your photo selected in schmap. :D

  4. anna

    Wow, congratulations! Don’t you just love Flickr and how anyone is capable of being “seen” and “known” over there? :) That’s a great photo too. I like how you captured not only the antelope, but the habitat it’s in as well. Great composition. :)

    By the way, that was a beautiful post about your grandfather. He was obviously an accomplished and well-loved man. I’m sure he would be proud and honored if he read how well you described him. *big*hugs*

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