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What Do I Live For?: 0051 - Maria

Recently, I was asked by Desmond Chua to contribute to a fantastic project called, “What Do I Live For?”. The five-question interview was centred precisely around what the name implies.

This online compilation of diverse perspectives is an offshoot of the Singaporean lifestyle and culture company, Imprfct. Established in late 2011, their ethos revolves around re-focusing present day’s exhausted minds toward embracing imperfection. This means befriending our oddly-shaped feet and round faces, or finding empowerment with our peculiar talent in underwater cross-stitching. After all, it is sometimes in the immeasurable that determines happiness.

Besides existing for an excellent cause, the Imprfct Shop currently sells a set of fun t-shirts embracing the world’s arty farts, with special emphasis on the “fart” part. Some of those who enjoy a good ol’ fashioned juvenile joke about gas — such as myself — may even find amusement in the word “fart” alone. But the underlying and more serious intention is for the shirts transform something that is considered to be a major source of self-consciousness, and make it less abhorrent. The colourful clown illustrations that make the five available designs help greatly.

Check Out the Interview!

My interview was published alongside that of fifty others. All who have been interviewed share wisdom that stems from their respective walks of life. I encourage you readers to sift through their words and views as well.

Thank you, Desmond and Imprfct.


  1. LJ

    Loved your interview, especially your last answer, “Create. We’re all equipped.” So simple yet quite profound!

    This is my first time visiting your site & I just have to say, it’s beautiful!

    x LJ

  2. Jannie

    Just checked out your interview. Very well thought of and well spoken answers. I especially liked the answer to the question “Why?” you live for honesty. As for you finding your universal purpose in design, this field is definitely a place for you. You are creative, imaginative, and you work with colors very well. Plus, you design with a lot of emotion and expression. One of the many things I admire about you. :)

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