Exposure: Fine Art of Blogging

Fifty One… Again!

Exposure: Fine Art of Blogging

Two years ago, Muhammad Yaqoob of University of Gujrat approached me for my consent to feature an entry I published a number of years ago for a collective entitled Fine Art of Blogging. I was still in the academia when the direction of my website was still largely personal, and I wrote a blog post called “My Life in Progress”, a commentary attempting to address a two-word question: Why blog? My answer was unsurprisingly lengthy. Even back then, I prided myself in having a lot to say.

Last Friday, I received the email that Fine Art of Blogging had been completed. The initial intention was for it to be in tangible form. But, it was then decided for it to be an e-book, instead, for easier circulation. This labour of love containing a spoonful of the internet was put together with the help of Pakistan’s University of Gujrat Press, and the colourful counsel of talents from their School of Art, Design, and Architecture.

Check Out the e-Book!

Fine Art of Blogging is digitally available on Scribd. A total of 102 bloggers — and potential new additions to one’s feed reader — have contributed to it, each giving their piece into what they’ve learnt and accomplished through the power of their own words. I am honoured to be part of this project.

Thank you, Muhammad Yaqoob, Sir.


  1. Maria Celina

    @Jannie: You know, Jannie, I was so caught up with the sentence structure, word choice, and general manner in which I used to write back in the day that it had not occurred to me our digital histories are made up of far more than that. Thank you for reminding me, for writing on until now, and for sticking around all these wonderful years.

  2. Jannie

    Your article on Fine Art of Blogging gave me very fond memories about the good ole personal website days. I didn’t know you had a Diaryland or a site on envy.nu. I actually liked the hosting services envy.nu provided. Too bad it went defunct. I still have my Diaryland, but I don’t remember the password. Therefore, I can’t do anything to it anymore. I did not know you were blogging for that long. (Since 2000.) I think we’ve met around 2002, right? Wow. So many things I did not know about your blogging/website history. And yes, those were the days of being hosted by somebody with a domain. I’m glad you have yours. I wish you more power on your domain too. Thank you also for sharing your article on Fine Art of Blogging. That’s such an amazing opportunity to get to write and share your piece on there. :)

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