Exposure: Blog Design Interview on InspireMonkey

The “B-Word”

Exposure: Blog Design Interview on InspireMonkey

In July, I was interviewed by Citra Sudiro on the topic of blog design. Ever since the launch of this domain, I have not used the term “blog” in direct reference to any of the posts written herein or to address the action made when composing them. But however endearing (or not) that I call this section the “jotter”, it serves a very similar purpose to a blog, if not precisely the same.

On Friday, the interview was published on InspireMonkey, a fantastic eye-candy-laden website that caters to all things design, photography, website resources, inspiration, designer showcases, and other treats for the modern creative. My responses are featured with that of six more web talents. Entitled “Interview With 7 Talented Bloggers Who Design Their Own Blog Layouts”, I have quite a name to live up to!

This is not the first internet or blog-related interview I’ve ever done, but it’s certainly the first one for this domain. The topics covered in this particular interview revolve around personal looks into individual blog histories, the evolution of the creative process when conjuring a design, and design philosophies. When I read the answers of the six other designers, I realised there are commonalities present in the approach to learning the tools necessary for website work and what makes for a good design. Save for the gradations that colour towards the designers’ personal tastes, the general consistency is undeniable.

Check Out the Interview!

“Interview With 7 Talented Bloggers Who Design Their Own Blog Layouts” is one of InspireMonkey‘s inspiration posts. My set of responses are the last of the group, but I encourage you readers to take some time and read the responses of the six other bloggers and visit their websites as well. Their talents should not go unnoticed, and I am humbled to be among the ranks of these individuals.

Thank you, Citra and InspireMonkey.


  1. Sinta

    Hi Maria!

    No worries, there’s no rush :) It’s needed a redesign for a while now, but waiting a bit longer is not going to hurt.

    Looking forward to your email.


  2. Maria Celina

    @Oridusartic: Citra, it was a pleasure to help out with the interview, and I was more than happy to give a little back to the InspireMonkey design community.

    @Jessica: I guess I have to say likewise for your website, Jessica. The sky blues, light greys, whites, and scarlet accent on your website’s design is a visual joy I experience when I read your posts.

    @Sinta: I actually do offer the occasional design service, Sinta, though my availability depends on work and personal demands. I will be busy through this weekend, but I will email you as soon as I can.

  3. Sinta

    Actually on a side note, have you ever thought of offering blog design services? My blog is overdue for a new design that’s more original, but I just don’t have the time anymore ¬_¬ Let me know! T x

  4. Jessica

    I can honestly see why you were given such an honor – your entire website is truly a work of art!

    I’ll have to go and check out the interview now ^__^

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