Domain Launch: Guess Who’s Back!

Over a Year of Sporadicity

A couple months ago, as an early birthday present to myself (and a partial whim), I registered one of the most professional domain names I have ever owned. I was in the middle of one of the longest design blocks I ever had since tinkering with websites, which in hindsight could have been the most significant block to date. Unsurprisingly, it took me several months to get this domain started.

Domain Launch Design: Paradise

The first design for this website is called “Paradise”. The complete name of the theme is actually “Indonesian Paradise”, but the folder it’s stored in is just the latter word. For previous domains, it would be a personal standard operation procedure to have layouts completely prepared and ready for uploading by the time the domain propogated into the server. The previous domain was registered with very slight inspirations swimming around, with nothing really established. This is the first domain whereby I had literally nothing in mind for the concept of the website’s first design or general aesthetic identity. I was consumed in work and various other obligations, and in the back of my mind, I feared that my online purchase would be in vain.

It was through working on an entirely different project when a single stock image would trigger the design process of the first design. The image was that of a landscape with fog resting in the middle of the the hills, trees, and the body of water featured in it, and the colours gave it the typical quality of a fantasy painting. It was almost as though what was missing from the image were grazing unicorns, and perhaps a princess or a life-sized fairy with multi-coloured wings. I wanted to emulate that scenery into a context that familiar to me, and after flipping through a mental rolodex of landscapes I have seen throughout my years, I narrowed it down to the two places I have stayed for a significant portion of my life. Things started to come together to form a surreal-like design that had elements of my chosen subjects of Indonesia and Singapore — an “Indo-porean” layout, if you will. It was well into the start of the design process where I remembered one of the posters made for the Indonesian film “Laskar Pelangi” (Translation: “Rainbow Army”). That direction made me tweak the layout to make it exclusively Indonesian-related. No hard feelings, Singapore.

The elements featured in this layout are particularised to the island of Bali. I was going to expound to graphically represent the religious diversity of the country by including Borobudur, Istiqlal Mosque, and Jakarta Cathedral, but decided against it in the name of keeping the design simpler. Perhaps I will do a design that gravitates to that particular direction in the future.

An additional thing to note would be the quote on the footer area, which is credited to German author and poet Christian Morgenstern.

So, I Guess I’m Back!

There will be a lot of live tweaking, and beta testing over the next few days. All the images are huge and still need to be compressed. The Tumblr design is still not implemented yet. This design has been tested on a Mac environment, using Opera 9.64, Firefox 3.5.2, and Safari 4.0.3; it has not yet been tested on a Windows environment or on Internet Explorer 6 to 8 or Google Chrome. However, if you happen upon any errors or notice anything that should be brought to my attention, let me know and I will get them squared away as soon as possible.


  1. Brenda

    Welcome back to the world of the living! Hahaha. Nah, just kidding. (; Was wondering where you were when your previous jotter suddenly went dead.

    Anyway, congratulations to a new domain name, new space and a new beginning!

  2. anna

    Okay, I thought I already left a comment here, but skimming through this page, umm, I guess not! Hehe! I’m glad you’re back! So this is what you were up to when you mentioned cooking up another online project while having coffee somewhere in Singapore. I think you tweeted about it a few months ago or something. :) Again, a lovely layout! The header reminds me of a Paulo Coelho cover too! I also like the footer with the subtle rainbow colors. :)

    Welcome back! :)

  3. jannie

    welcome back to the wonderful webby world. i am so happy you’re back. :) i am loving the warm color concept here. the rainbow reminds me of the one i saw earlier that was peeking between trees across the street from where i work. :) the whole view is breathtaking as well. ***hugs for your return*** :) take care. :)

  4. She

    How is it that you are always able to make the most amazing layouts that I have ever seen. How? It’s not fair!

    Haha. Just kidding! Welcome back! I had wondered what happened to you until I was browsing my twitter followers/people I follow this morning and made my way across your twitter page and subsequently this site.

    So yeah, great to see you back.

  5. Skye

    I love the new website! Your website designs are always so warm – I really like this one. The detail in the footer is really nice and I love the way you have presented your work.

  6. Ivy

    Dude! It sure took you a long-ass time to get this page up!! Glad you finally did! I see you’re still having problems with your profile pic. LOL! Anyways, I hope things are going well for you! Love ya!

  7. Kris

    Welcome back! And as usual, the layout is awesome! Wouldn’t expect anything less from you :) I absolutely love the mountains and the fog; it reminds me of a Paulo Coelho book cover, but yours kicks more butt!

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