Aksara’s Surprise Gig: Duncan Sheik

Duncan Sheik Indonesia Tour 2011: February 27, 2011

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  1. Jannie

    “American Dreams” for a DVD haul is a good idea. The episodes are awesome. I found a website a couple years back which showed all the episodes. Too bad it shut down or something, so I wasn’t able to finish the whole series. I liked the show though. I want to see more. Hopefully I can find the DVD too somewhere.

    Yikes. Maybe that’s why Bobby Darin was portrayed as a jerk. He must’ve been that way in real life. I remember in the episode, Meg had to cater for Bobby Darin like get juice for him and wait on him. He was so mean to her. (Too bad women weren’t treated well back in those days. It’s really great how times have changed.) Duncan Sheik, playing that role, was very convincing. Other than being a great singer, he’s a good actor too. It’s also nice to hear he’s really sweet in person. :) You and Anna are so lucky to have met him. :)

  2. Maria Celina

    @Jannie: Jannie, I think it was some time last Christmas where I watched a documentary about Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin’s former wife. Apparently, Darin was not a particularly nice man, and their marriage was a troubled one under the mercy of frequent media coverage. However, I don’t know how he treated other women. But if Duncan were to act in such a way that portrays that, then it may be the case. (I also read that, back then, women were given far less than the respect they deserve.) However, to see Duncan portray a jerk is… even I can’t fathom the idea! He’s so sweet in person, which could only mean that he has something to show for in terms of his acting skills.

    You know, I think I’m going to find “American Dreams” in my next DVD haul. I hope they’re available.

  3. Jannie

    Aww… Yeah, that’s too bad there’s no clip of Duncan Sheik on “American Dreams.” Since you mentioned his involvement in television, I am looking forward to seeing him act. He did really well playing Bobby Darin. I don’t know if Bobby Darin was jerky in real life, but Duncan portraying him sure gave the character, Meg (Brittany Snow), a hard time. LOL.

    I saw Michelle Branch as Leslie Gore. Her performance was outstanding. She was very cute in her 60s beehive wig too. :D

  4. Maria Celina

    @Ashley: He did, Ashley, he totally did! When he strummed the first part of the introduction, everyone expressed recognition and sang along to the entire song. He also played “Wishful Thinking” and “Bite Your Tongue”.

  5. Maria Celina

    @Krysten: Isn’t it, Krysten? The last time I heard about him was regarding his work with the rock musical “Spring Awakening”. To suddenly hear about him again — all the more about him touring in Indonesia — was definitely a pleasant surprise.

    @Jannie: Duncan Sheik has aged rather well, I do agree, Jannie. From what I remember, he looked rather similar this time around from the concert I attended years ago. If there’s anything different, it could be his clothing and hairstyle. All in all, it’s hard to compare the two experiences, as I recall this gig to a much greater degree, and I was far closer to the stage than the first time.

    I tried to look for that video of when Sheik acted Bobby Darin in “American Dreams” on YouTube, but to no avail. I did hear about Sheik’s involvement in television, but I momentarily forgot about the fact that he made a cameo. I also do know that Michelle Branch performed adorably as Lesley Gore in the same series.

  6. Jannie

    This guy gets hotter through the years. :D The only song of his I know is “Barely Breathing” and I have it in my iPod too. Brings back memories. :) I saw him on this TV series a few years back called “American Dreams.” He did a brilliant job of playing Bobby Darin (I did not know Duncan Sheik can act too.) and he sang “Somewhere Beyond the Sea.”

    I remember some of Anna’s pics when she saw him in concert before. You guys are so lucky to have seen him. I know I’d love to see him. First of all, I need to listen to all the rest of his songs. :D

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