Absolut Elyx Presents: Re-Invite

A Double Dose of Local Goodness

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Last week, I had the privilege of attending my very first fashion show. “Re-Invite” took place on December 5th, at the Kempinski Grand Ballroom, over at the West Mall of Grand Indonesia. The evening of fun, festivity, and fabulousness was sponsored by Absolut Elyx, and Luxe-Drinks.

Absolut Elyx Presents: Re-Invite Absolut Elyx Presents: Re-Invite

The venue was decked in chandeliers, tall candelabras, and enough black to emphasise the brilliant colours familiar to Absolut’s branding. Lounge sets were arranged around tables built level with the runway, allowing an interesting play on the hierarchy between the models, and the audience surrounding them. When in the right angle, it is almost reminiscent to an all-star photoshoot featured in a classy magazine’s special edition issue.

Arantxa Adi: 2013 Collection

“Re-Invite” was the official premiere of the Arantxa Adi 2013 collection. The show dedicated to the creative brainchild of is Indonesian designer Acong kicked off with Luna Maya carrying a body-hugging golden-green strapless dress. The extent of recognition from the audience was as quick as it was unsurprising. An array of cameras and camera-enabled smartphones were hurriedly calibrated to capture the moment of being in the same room as the local actress and model.

Absolut Elyx Presents: Re-Invite

Arantxa Adi’s newest collection spreads across the board in style. Acong adapts cues from fashion eras past, with particular favour to the 1920’s, 1930’s, and 1950’s. Each proudly celebrates the coming new year with all things feminine, what with soft layers, gentle folds, carefully treated fabrics, and sensual cuts that both beckon and surprise.

Absolut Elyx Presents: Re-Invite Absolut Elyx Presents: Re-Invite

There is no colour restriction in the collection, either. Classic hues like white, black, and gold were interspersed with jewel tones, as well as brilliant explosions of blue, pink, and orange are seen throughout the generally accessible collection.

Absolut Elyx Presents: Re-Invite Absolut Elyx Presents: Re-Invite

As the models took to the spotlight one by one, there was something else also shining that night.

Utty Jewellery by Utty Wakkary

Beautifully complementing Arantxa Adi is Utty Wakkary’s line of accessories. The Indonesian stay-at-home mother of four created Utty Jewellery out of love for the “finer things in life”. Her passion led her to explore the archipelago for “precious stones and pearls”, and show off Indonesia’s natural wealth by hand-crafting them into unique statement pieces that are rich in detail.

Absolut Elyx Presents: Re-Invite

Each creation is crafted out of 14-karat to 18-karat gold or sterling silver, and involve the use of precious and semi-precious material. Accents of ruby, diamond, pearl, coral, emerald, tourmaline, amethyst, and various stones endemic to Indonesia contribute to the glamourous image of Utty Jewellery.

Absolut Elyx Presents: Re-Invite Absolut Elyx Presents: Re-Invite

“Re-Invite” successfully joined two local flavours in aesthetic union. Both renowned for their high-class image and intricacy, it was a presentation of — pardon the pun — absolute class.


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