A May Weekend in Bandung

Kota Bandung Trip: May 8, 2010 to May 9, 2010

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  2. Maria Celina

    @Gum: Gum, I believe I sent you an email about your question.

    @april: April, it wasn’t my beer. I had something more, well, gung ho.

    @Tann: Hello, Tann! Great to see a contact from 20SB commenting here! When my friends and I went to Nanny’s Pavillon, we did not avail of the pancakes. We had lunch some time before passing by Nanny’s Pavillon, so we weren’t in the mood for more bites. Perhaps when I make my way up there again, I’ll stop by, with the pancakes in mind.

    @jannie: It would be awesome if you traveled to Indonesia and/or Singapore, Jannie. I regret not being able to travel to San Diego when I visited California and Utah last year; I was so pressed for time that the furthest I was able to go from the San Francisco area was Napa Valley. Had I been given more time to stay there, taking longer road trips would have definitely been part of the agenda.

    @Skye: I believe “refreshing” is apt for the nature of the weekend, Skye. Jakarta’s currently having a yo-yo type of weather, either in preparation for summer or the weather gods are having a wrestling match. That week, it had been sweltering, and just as we left for Bandung, it was raining. Bandung had been raining, so the cooler temperatures were definitely refreshing — as is the company I went with, was the feeling that overwhelmed all of us upon returning.

    I hope that you find the time to catch up with your university and school friends.

  3. Skye

    I’m dying over the photo of that pizza – it looks sooo good. I would love to be able to catch up with my old university friends (and school friends too now I’m come to think about it) – especially over a proper weekend rather than a quick dinner or snack. It looks like it was a really refreshing (is that the right word?) get together.

  4. jannie

    looks like you had an awesome time in bandung. it’s always nice to see old friends. how i miss mine. would be nice too to get together with my girls from work. :D looking through your pics, i would love to visit indonesia and singapore someday. oh, and that cloud 9 pizza looks very delicious. gotta love those mushrooms. :D

  5. Gum

    Hello, nice picture you got there. By the way, I hope you don’t mind. What’s the name of the plugin you used here? It looks nice and I wanna try it. Thank you in advance.

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