2009 Snail Mail Christmas Cards

It’s That Time of Year Once More!

It is very likely the novelty of snail mail has been sorely underrated since the popularity of digital communication. While digital communication provides the benefits of speed, convenience, and a lot more pocket change saved instead of being shelled out for postal charges, it comes at the price of the personal touch at times. When I was much younger, the primary form of communication between me and friends who have moved away and relatives who lived outside the country was through writing letters. Never mind the postage, nothing was like the thrill of receiving an envelope addressed to me. In fact, if it came written in extraordinary stationery — or if it concealed another more personal note between the pages of the outer letter — the better.

So, for the coming Christmas holidays, I plan to re-live the thrill of all that.

2009 Snail Mail Christmas Cards

I am going to be designing Christmas cards for the coming holidays, and they’re going to be given away via snail mail. I have already sent out emails to relatives and various friends some time last week in request for their mailing addresses, and I figured I should also extend this invitation to the visitors of this website.

Do You Want a Christmas Card from Me?

If you wish to receive a Christmas card from me, kindly send me your name and mailing address via the contact page (either by email or through the contact form provided). For the purposes of sending them out before Christmas Day, I will accept submissions until on or before Monday, November 30th, 2009. My other request for those who submitted their details to take a photo of their cards and send it to me via email, so I can make a follow-up jotter post.

(Also, if you wish for me to make a non-Christmas holiday card for you, let me know as well, so I can design a card specifically for that occasion. Same submission details regarding submission deadlines and photo requests apply.)


  1. anna

    Like I said in my email, I think that this is a nice idea. It would really be a treat to receive something in the mail other than those monthly bills. Haha! I love technology, but I find that snail mail does have more of that personal touch to it. :)

  2. jannie

    speaking of snailmail, i remember that card you, nikki, and anna have written me. that was the best card ever. i really loved that neoprint in there too. :) i still have that card too. (i always keep all my snailmail.) :D

    there sure is nothing like the joy of receiving an envelope addressed to you…especially when the handwriting on it comes from a friend or family member. :)

    awesome idea of making personalized christmas cards, btw. :)

  3. Chris

    I’ve been a bad reader and even worse friend for not visiting this site as often as I did.

    Time to rectify that!

    Hope everything is good on your side. I’ll be reserving that cuppa for you till we meet. ;)

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