1. Why “Maria Celina”?
    “Maria Celina” is my complete first name. Pure and simple. I happen to really like my name and wouldn’t change it for the world, so I decided to register it as a domain.
  2. What is the purpose of this website?
    “Maria Celina” acts as a personal website, portfolio, and my general online presence. It is open to the general public. After many changes in domain names, I sincerely hope this is the last domain name I ever need to register. Not that I plan to quit the whole business afterwards, but rather this be my permanent online home.
  3. Can I use your writings, photos, or graphics?
    My writings and posts can be quoted on other websites, as long as there is due credit given by linking back to this website. The website’s design is off limits. Hotlinking is strictly forbidden, and this includes the images for my site’s design and my photos that are hosted on the “Maria Celina” server. However, if you wish to link to a free-hosted version of my photos, you are free to find them on my Flickr account and use the versions hosted there.
  4. I found someone trying to pass off your work as theirs. What do I do?
    Please notify me as soon as possible and provide relevant information. I do not take lightly to copyright infringement.
  5. Do you mind lurkers? How about the idea of family members and other offline people viewing your website?
    Sure, I don’t mind lurkers. In fact, they’re — you know what? Let’s be real here.
    I can’t control who comes to my website, as it’s in a very public sphere. It’s part and parcel with the hobby. Naturally, as the maintainer of a website and blogger, I would love to interact with all my visitors. But it’s inevitable to have a handful of those readers who probably have their own reasons as to why they opt to be silent.


  1. Can you make me a layout, design something for me, take photos for me, or write something for me?
    My availability is sporadic due to the demands of work, but I won’t say that I am unavailable altogether. You are still free to contact me and inquire about my availability, and I’ll see what I can do. I reply within three (3) days. Mind you, I do work for a fee and bound under a mutual contract. I also do not do any speculative work.
  2. How much do you charge for your services?
    The price I charge depends on the category and scale of the project. Realistically, the bigger the project, the higher the price. Also, I consider all requests on a case-to-case basis, so the price is very likely to depend on your individual budget.
  3. Since you’re an Interior Designer by profession, how come I do not see any Interior Design work on your portfolio?
    A lot of the Interior Design work that I do are either academic projects done in college some time back, or copyrighted to the companies I am or was associated with. Tentatively, all my Interior Design work remains in a physical portfolio format. Should this option change in the future, the respective works will be added accordingly.


  1. What topics do you jot about?
    Generally, I touch upon topics that strike my fancy, but I can safely say that I consistently touch upon architecture, art, culture, design, food, photography, and general popular culture.
  2. Apparently, according to _____ you’re _____. How come you don’t state or confirm this on your domain?
    For safety and privacy reasons. Although this domain is virtually open to the public, there are some things I feel that is in my right to divulge or withhold information pertaining to me within the jurisdiction of the website, within moral standards. If there is an issue called to my attention, and is deemed suitable for public confirmation, it is in my power whether or not to make a statement on my website. Should I feel there are issues that need confirmation or clarification, whether on or off my website, I will do so in the means I see fit. For more information, please refer to the disclaimer.
  3. I have a liking problem with your stance/opinion regarding _____. How can I fix this?
    First of all, sorry about your liking problem. It must be quite a burden. Second, if there is something you feel I need to hear, do not hesitate to contact me. I am willing to listen to your point of view… as long as it is civil. Tactlessness, personal attacks, excessive uses of guilt, shame, and talking down or around will result in me completely disregarding what you have to say. Agree or disagree with me, the reality is that the internet is full of people with varying opinions, views, and stances. Even outside the internet, and outside what we hold close to comfort us, these people exist, and we have to accept that. These people play a part in reminding us why we choose the stances we do. Live and let live; diversity rules.
  4. I have a liking problem with a commentator’s stance/opinion regarding _____. How can I fix this?
    Refer to the context given in the previous question, but it’s best to take it up with the respective commentator about the issue, as the comment they made is completely accredited to them. I advise to be civil when conducting that separate discourse.
  5. I saw/read/watched something that I want to share with you. How do I contact you with regards to this?
    I recieve all general comments and comments unrelated to the posts in the jotter through the contact form. I am open to visitor input, so if you have something to share with me, do let me know. Please note that not all incoming form submissions will be publicly acknowledged through the website’s updates, but I will reply to individual submissions as I see fit.
  6. I notice you write reviews. Will you review _____?
    I do not do sponsored reviews, but I am open to visitor recommendations. If you want to share something with me, kindly use the contact form.